The Gate's Rich History

Proud of its labor roots in the 1940s as a Plymouth automobile manufacturing plant, The Gate currently offers a variety of unique spaces from 1,000-10,000 square feet — factory-raw, office-finished, or build-to-suit.

The Gate is studded with abundant tenant amenities, including ultra-fast fiber cable throughout, collaborative kitchen, and a central square designed for tenant-curated gatherings, meetings, creations, and commercial events. Just five minutes from Oakland International Airport, The Gate serves a global community of large scale artists, tech and makers with easy BART access, free parking, and 24-hour onsite security.

Expansion began just before World War II for primary production purposes. After the war, Dodges and Plymouths were the primary products coming out of San Leandro by 1949. Then, the plant was sold at the close of the 1950’s to the Caterpillar tractor company, who produced there through the early 1970’s.

The shopping mall revolution drove the next transformation into a retail shopping center, when the building was purchased and became Westgate Center, home to ground floor retail environments on the first floor. The second floor was devoted to manufacturing/light industrial/office tenancy.

It remained in this state for years, until February 14th, 2014, when a new announcement was made: San Leandro’s 18-acre former Plymouth plant would undergo a transformation into The Gate 510, the biggest art, tech, and maker hub in Silicon Valley.

That transformation continues every day. Schedule your visit to The Gate and come be a part of it!

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