Out of the Box – Sept 2014

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Thanks to our friends at Lit San Leandro for this fabulous recap of the Out of the Box event!

The City of San Leandro and Chamber of Commerce organized another in a series of amazing Out of the Box events this past Wednesday on the rooftop of Bayfair Center. It was crazy amazing, featuring several artisans and craftspeople from The Gate (the old West Gate, and the older Dodge factory on Davis St). Some of the demos includedPhaseSpace, FLEETedu, Anna W. Edwards Fine Art, Destination Dinners, Drake’s Brewery, and several more.

All of the demo companies’ representatives were part of fascinating conversations about what they do, how cool or advanced their work was, and (of course) how the gigabit infrastructure serves their businesses.

FLEETedu had a photo-taking drone flying high above our heads and took the shots here. On the right is the evening just getting started. The white L-shaped object was the tent for the demos and companies with computers, monitors, gear, and sample work. (It was much bigger than it looks in this picture.) The white area to the left of the Bee vehicle was where the music and speeches took place.